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about Us

Allgreen Australia is a participant in the Govt initiative schemes: VEU (Victorian Energy Upgradesin Victoria, REES (Residential Energy Efficiency Scheme) in SA and ESS (Energy Saving Scheme) usually known as IPART in NSW.
These schemes are promoting energy efficiency and offering incentives to both commercial and residential consumers.

Allgreen Australia products are widely applied in homes, shopping malls, hotels, clubs and offices. Not only does Allgreen Australia create warm and comfortable environments, but it focuses on an environmentally friendly approach to lighting. Allgreen Australia smart lighting solution enables consumers to have complete control over their lighting with the ability to remotely turn lights on and off, and dim them, empowering them to reduce energy costs and improve their lifestyle.

Allgreen Australia has a strong quality, professional service and customer orientation philosophy, and subsequently wins the confidence and recognition of customers. This is highlighted through many well-known international corporations developing partnerships with MasterLights in India, UAE, Middle and Africa.

Allgreen Australia strives to be Australia’s best lighting solution provider, and devotes itself to creating a better lighting world!

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why Choose Us?

Specialized Company
Our Electricians

Your one-stop-energy


Australian Owned Business

We believe in our Team & Teamwork

We can save your time by finding you better Electricity, Gas and solar deals

Allgreen Australia has a tie up with over 50 Qualified A grade Electricians.

Strong Pre and Post compliance checks carried out by Quality Auditors on work performed

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how We Operate?

Allgreen Australia is a privately owned and operated Australian company providing products and services to improve energy efficiency, reduce consumption of resources and lower operating costs.

We are a distributor for energy efficient products servicing both Residential and Commercial markets. All Green Australia takes great pride in the quality of their products and services to deliver the most efficient solutions that reduce carbon emissions and minimize environmental impact.

We also specialize in Outsourcing Call Centre Projects for example Inbound, Outbound Sales, Technical Support to our partners across the world.

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