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Commercial LED Lighting Upgrades in QLD

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Government Rebates For Commercial LED Lighting Upgrade


The mean surface temperature in Australia has increased by 1.47 °C since the national weather record keeping began in 1910. To offset the varied impacts of this human-induced warming, the Australian government enacted the Carbon Credits (Carbon Farming Initiative) Act in 2011.

Under this act, Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) — or energy-efficiency certificates — are issued to certify that 1000 kilograms of carbon dioxide (or other greenhouse gasses like methane and nitrous) have either been sequestered or not released into the atmosphere due to climate friendly choices adopted by an individual or an organization.

The energy-efficiency upgrade activities offered by TimeToSave in partnership with the National Carbon Bank of Australia (NCBA) — under the Emission Reduction Fund scheme — helps Australians in making the pro-climate choices and reduce the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

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Apply for discounted commercial LED lighting upgrade under ERF government program and reduce lighting costs by up to 80%

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