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GU10’s halogen downlight replacement is now free for Victorian business and

residential properties.Primsal GU10 LED product (Power 6W, 550 Lumens,

Warm white) Why should you upgrade your GU10 halogen downlight to GU10

LED? Save upto 85% on your lighting cost by converting 35/50W halogen to 6W

LED Manufacturer rated lifetime of 32,000 hours

TIMETOSAVE can help Victorian residents and businesses by replacing MR16 Halogen down lights to energy-efficient LED lights for little to no cost under VEET Scheme.

Non Dimmable MR16 LED Products offered by All green Australia.
Phillips LED product for little cost (Power 5.5 W,400 Lumens, Warm white)
Primsal LED product for no cost (Power 6W,550 Lumens, Warm white)

Both products are competitive and comes with manufacturer warranty.

Why should you upgrade your MR16 halogen downlight to MR16 LED?

Installed by Agrade Electrician
Manufacturer rated lifetime upto 32,000 hours
Save upto 85% on your lighting cost by converting 35/50W halogen to 6W LED
Free upgrade for existing halogen downlight to MR16 LED

All Green Australia provides a complete solution for dimmable halogen downlight replacement to dimmable GU10 or MR16 LED product.

We provide a complete solution which includes replacement of dimmer switch for proper dimming operation.

Dimmable LED products offered by All Green Australia
Phillips Dimmable MR16 LED Product for little cost (Power 7W, 420 Lumens, Warm white)
Primsal GU10 LED product for little cost (Power 6W, 550 Lumens, Warm white)
Dimmer switch replacement is offered for dimmable LED’s only if dimmer switch is not compatible at a cost.

Kindly submit your details and we will come back to you.

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